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Visegrad Group's foreign ministers meet in Warsaw with top EU diplomat Federica Mogherini to discuss common threats facing the Community

All European nations are currently facing the same severe economic and security challenges. We should cooperate and do our best to resolve them as quick as possible, said High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini during a meeting of foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group and politicians form six other Balkan countries held today in Warsaw, Poland.

She cited high unemployment rate and radicalization of young people, threats to current economic development plans and migrant crisis as the main challenges facing EU's policymakers.

During the event four Visegrad Group members – Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia presented a joint statement in which they expressed their strong support for six Balkan nations in their bid to join the European Union. They claim that new members (including Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo) would boost EU's economy and improve the continent's security. However, experts warn that within next five years the Community might be unable to accept new members.

The meeting was convened and hosted by Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski during a time when the Eastern part of Schengen Area is threatened by Russia's military activity. Therefore, the issue of forging a common stance against current national security threats was also on the agenda.

Waszczykowski critized EU's policies regarding the allocation of migrants and reiterated the government's position that they should be offered assistance in refugee camps close to their home countries. He added that regional cooperation in the Balkan region, hybrid threats, organized crime, terrorism and the necessity to create a comprehensive transport infrastructure were also discussed.

Source: PAP